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More then 600 properties and up to 25 pictures per property on this SQL database driven web site.
The same database feed 3 web sites on 3 different domains...
All updates are done by the client since day one, though online administration panel.
The update process is very easy and does not require any knowledge in web design

This french spoken web site is now up since january 2007 and got already over 800 atircles not including the classifed section and the PHP forum!!!!

Of course, all updates are done by the client though online administration panel...

The web site already is very well referenced in all main search engines


We like creativity too!!!

This site, already a reference in the world of security is about to become a major Gate relevant to all security issues.
The site is about to be upgraded in this way.
Up to now, the main page is translated into 15 languages. Our advanced statistical tools allow us to find out countries, keywords, pages and favored languages....Giving us a continous opportunity to adjust our marketing campaign...

Another creative design with a top animated banner for a motorbike and car rental business..

Properties listing in Pattaya
Location d’appartements à Pattaya Viewtalay
construction, renovation, swiming pool
Villa, properties, apartment condo for sale in Pattaya
Location d’appartements à Pattaya Viewtalay
Apartments for rent in pattaya,
V2 group security. close protection, bodyguard...