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Content Management.

We have seen at our home page that content management is an important part of the web site:

Reminder : A content management is a piece of sotware allowing you to modify and update your web site by your own, with very little knowledge in web design!!!

A good content management software shall be:

  • a) extremely user friendly
  • b) Quick to operate in terms of time required to perform an update or add up new articles
  • c) Powerful in term of graphic possibilities

a) Extremely user friendly : Our panels are simply very easy to use...

b) Quick to operate :Our panel are able to upload an article with up to 35 pictures in a few seconds and only a few clicks!!!! Translation can be done simultaneously in many language and security locks are in place for each language!

c) Powerful in term of graphic possibilities : We offer various levels of graphic possiblitie, Please request a demo and you will be impressed...

Additional tips regarding content management.
By using an automated content management system you will benefit from :

  • Almost free web site modifications and updates
  • Time saving : in many occasion, it is less time consuming to do an update by yourself than to explain to somebody else what to do....
  • Energy saving : it is always energy consuming to redo something which has not been done properly in the first place!!!. We our panel, it is done right from the start
  • A better ranking : Save your web master skill where he really is necessary : Search engine optimization

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